We are a company of PIXEL working in the field of developing and designing websites and mobile applications. We have been working in this field since 2016.

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About Us

Our profound experience and scientific base are our solid ground

Our work Pixel company provides solutions and products that help institutions and companies to raise income and growth rates as well as develop production and sales through e-commerce solutions on mobile applications for iPhone and Android, employ artificial intelligence and augmented reality, and analyze data with mobile applications and business management programs

Pixel has implemented and developed many projects and mobile applications and smart systems in partnership with leading companies and institutions in France, Germany and America, and also contributed to the development of many institutions and bodies in Egypt, Riyadh and Jeddah


With a strong scientific system, the highest results are constantly achieved

Pixel provides technical, programmatic, and practical consulting and logic solutions to business leaders and provides them with full practical and scientific support, how to develop and implement ideas and mobile application projects on iPhone and Android, and the latest methods of using artificial intelligence and data analysis

1- Science

Our marketing campaigns are constantly based on analysis, study, and sound scientific basis of marketing.

2- Effectiveness

We focus our maximum effort to achieve the required goals, directly and effectively.

3- Integration

Our process is an interconnected line that begins with analysis and ends with achieving goals.

4- Accuracy

We shed all the light on the smallest details to always achieve perfection in every step.

5- Specialization

We only provide services in the areas in which we are specialized to increase our success rates.

6- Goals

We search and analyze the market precisely to always hit our goals with great accuracy and efficiency.

7- Experience

10 years of experience in the marketing field makes us one of the leading agencies in the market.

8- Passion

Our passion and love for marketing makes us always reach the highest quality level.


Successful communication is our bridge to meet our clients’ needs and solve their problems.

10 -Control

We set standards for monitoring work efficiency to make our goals always under control.

11- Reporting

We regularly produce periodic reports and statistics to keep our clients in the picture.


With PIXEL, there is always a solution as we produce periodic reports to continually improve results.

13- Evolution

As we always aspire for more, we continuously improve our methods and tools.

14- Flexibility

Flexibility is a must for success. Thus, we always have varied solutions.

15- Resources

According to our capabilities only, we hold our agreements to always hit our targets.

16- Personalization

Our strategies are perfectly and accurately tailored to always fit your needs, resources, and goals.

17- Analysis

Analysis always reveals the need. thus, we follow a scientific analysis of the market and our competitors.

18- Efficiency

As quality always matters, we do not use any platform that will add nothing new to us.

19- Planning

An hour of planning can save us days of useless work. Thus, we plan before taking any step.

20- Value

In pixel, we tend to leave our valuable and effective touch in each project we work on.

Science along with our 20 principles shape our way


Our marketing services

In PIXEL, we study the market, develop strategies, and implement the highest possible quality to always achieve the best results for our clients. check our services to have a better view:

1- Brading

Time to build product identity: name, logo, and colors along with developing identity tools: website, marketing materials and promotional videos.

3. Content Marketing

We provide a scientific, useful, and interesting content that brings a great interaction from your target audience. Our content marketing strategy includes writing content for blogs, websites, social media pages.

2. Copy-writing

We apply our great experience along with scientific and analytic techniques in writing advertisements and promotional copies to achieve the highest results that convert potential buyers to actual customers.

4. Social Media Marketing

Our social media marketing strategy tends to achieve the maximum results to our clients in light of their available capabilities. Our packages include graphic design, content/ copy writing, ads management, and page moderation.

5- Our marketing services

Our profound scientific background integrated with both marketing strategies and modern online advertising methods makes us leaders in developing and managing advertising campaigns on social media channels and Google.

6. Google Ads

We develop advertising campaigns on Google based on a precise analysis of the search words to make a variety of attractive ads that work efficiently on these words, then link all of this to the (Landing Pages).

7. Direct Marketing

We develop various marketing campaigns targeting direct responses from customers. The direct marketing tools we use include; Text messaging and direct mail campaigns.

8. Websites

We develop our websites in two parallel aspects: the technical aspects such as programming and the artistic aspect that includes attractive designs, in addition to writing strong persuasive content.

9. Marketing Consulting

We provide you with periodic consultations, whether in the planning part related to the study, market research, marketing strategy development, or the executive part such as product development, pricing, and promotion.

10. Training

We offer professional training courses that give your team the right boost.

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With PIXEL, aspire for the best and it will be
always guaranteed.

Here are our 5 steps to get started:

The First Step

having a full vision about your business, needs, goals, and company’s position in the market, is our priority at this stage

The second Step

Upon completion of this initial study of your company’s condition, we send a preliminary business proposal that includes our proposed plan and financial offer.

The third step

After approving our initial offer, we develop a complete action plan which consists of an action plan that includes all the objectives, details, tools, and tasks and the creation of the complete content plan.

The fourth step

Time to assign members of our specialized team to start implementing the marketing action plan, whether copy writers , advertising specialists, or graphic designers.

The Fifth Step

Our account manager will be the responsible one for the periodic interaction with the client who will transmit all his notes and comments to the executive team, in addition to providing him with periodic reports.



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